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Cupcakes by Kearsarge Cakes

Cupcakes by Kearsarge Cakes is independently owned and operated by Samantha Cleveland, with all goodies made in her home kitchen in North Sutton, NH. It is not a commercial bakery, nor is there a store-front shop. She's just a woman who bakes really good cupcakes.

Until 2020, Cupcakes by Kearsarge Cakes was known simply as Kearsarge Cakes. While her cupcakes have always been as equally in-demand as her cakes, the re-naming on this site is due to Samantha no longer offering cakes. For those who may be deeply disappointed by this, many sincere apologies.

Amongst the unprecedented challenges and changes that came in 2020 and with the COVID-19 pandemic, one of those changes finds Samantha on a new fulltime adventure in the world of fermented vegetables, with less availability for baking, yet a continued commitment and desire to be able to say YES! to at least some of your baking wants, dreams, needs, and cravings. Offering cupcakes only to those who have grown to love Kearsarge Cakes' cakes and cupcakes provides a opportunity to continue to fulfill your baking needs while still doing it from a place a love and gratitude, rather than one of overwhelm or obligation. Who wants THAT kind of cake anyway?

Below you can find the original introduction Kearsarge Cakes, just for a little, fun history preceding the reintroduction of Cupcakes by Kearsarge Cakes.

And while you're here taking the time to learn about your cupcake baker (which is SUPER awesome of you, by the way!), if you think my cupcakes are good, you should taste my Kimchi! (Well, truth be told, it's not MY kimchi- but adhering to the philosophy that anything worth doing is worth doing well, I take great pride and ownership in being a part of the Micro Mama's team- the local, organic fermented vegetable business where I spend much of my time these days.) I invite you to check out the goodness we have going on at micromamas.com. While it doesn't necessarily pair well with cupcakes... it's one of life's must-haves.

In Gratitude, Peace & Love - Samantha

Flashing Back to the Original Kearsarge Cakes Introduction...

My name is Samantha Cleveland and amongst other things, I bake cakes ... and cupcakes.

After several years of hustling cakes at our local school's cake walk fundraisers where the kids were so fired-up over winning a cake, or as many cakes as they could possibly score (seriously... some kids have to be shut off!); being the cake-baker for family and friends as we celebrated life's special moments; hosting classroom celebrations ... and just being a gal who loves cake, the pressure was on from "my fans" to start a cake business. So here we have it, Kearsarge Cakes.

Kearsarge Cakes is a very small local business, where beautiful, delicious and all-natural, truly HOMEmade, tasty cakes and cupcakes are whipped up in a residential kitchen by me, Samantha Cleveland. Although there are other bakeries in the Kearsarge / Lake Sunapee Region, as well as elsewhere in New Hampshire, that surely offer some great goods, Kearsarge Cakes offers something a little different for cake lovers, something you don't necessarily get from a commercial business. It's authentically homemade, and the sole intention of each cake and cupcake is to be "Oh My..." delicious and perfect for your occasion.

Because there really is something about cake. Would you agree? Isn't there something about cake that just vibrates joy? Makes you feel good? Lets you know, in that moment that it is presented... or in that first bite, that life can be...is...good? Maybe you're celebrating with family or friends, the people you love, or perhaps you're stealing a moment to yourself and creating an experience just by sinking your teeth into it. Although it is true that cake, in-and-of itself, really isn't all that important, the right cake, at the right moment, provides a sort of respite from world. You know, that tiny little space where you forget your troubles... forget the stress... forget the diet. Enjoy the moment. Just eat the cake. It's like nourishment for the soul.

Yes. There is something about cake.

But don't get me wrong. Not every cake is like that. There are what have become the "traditional" store-bought cakes that you pick up from the grocery store in those last minute, "Oh crap...I forgot to get a cake!" moments. And with all due to respect to cake, those may suffice, but they certainly do not deliver the vibrations of joy and love the kind of cakes I'm talking about do. And if you're passionate about those cookie-cutter, perfectly-artificial, mass-produced, electric-blue, tried-and-true- "this will do" kind of cake, then you're probably on the wrong site. Either that, or it is high time you realize you deserve something better. A better kind of cake, my friend!

Am I raising your expectations too high? Please... don't let that happen. A "pressured" cake is not the same as a cake ordered, delivered, presented and enjoyed out of sheer joy.

After all, cake is just cake.

And these cakes, along with any other from-the-heart goodies, are intended only to enhance the moments in which you desire them for. They are to add an additional vibration of joy. That is what makes them special. Not only are they little bundles of tastiness, but they are packed with the intention of goodness, joy, love and celebration. I can make them good...but only you, whether you be the recipient or the presenter, can make them magnificent.

Alas... here is to creating life's greatest moments... ENJOY!

Check out the Cupcakes pages of this site and see what strikes your fancy. And if it sparks a vision you don't see on the page, let me know and we'll see what we can do for you!