Frequently Asked Questions

If there were "Frequently Asked Questions" about cupcakes, these might be among them:

  • Why cupcakes?

Why not?

Actually, for those who might be wondering "Why JUST cupcakes?" instead of cakes AND cupcakes, the short answer is: time. 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic brought about many changes, and one of those changes for Kearsarge Cakes was a reorganization of time. I, Samantha, the baker, have taken on a full time position for a local, organic vegetable fermenting company, Micro Mama's. While I've been happily collaborating professionally with Micro Mama's on a part-time basis for several years, this new role requires a significant increase in time allocation. Offering cupcakes only to those who have grown to love my cakes and cupcakes provides the opportunity to continue to fulfill your baking needs while still doing it from a place a love and gratitude, rather than one of overwhelm or obligation. After all, it's all about the love!

  • Do you deliver?

If you're somewhat local, yes! Typically, a public meeting place is arranged.

  • Do you ship?

No. You'll have to come to New Hampshire.

  • Do you do wedding cupcakes?

YES! However, my cakes are more whimsically "floral" than "formal", which is not for everyone. I do not work with fondant or artificial colors, both of which are commonly found in traditional tiered wedding cakes.

If you are a lover of natural beauty and are striving for wedding cupcakes that serve up excellence for quality and taste, in addition to being naturally elegant and appealing to the eye, I'd be happy to speak with you about cupcakes for your special day!

  • Why are wedding cupcakes typically more expensive than non-wedding cupcakes?

Like wedding cakes, cupcakes made for weddings are typically more expensive than those made for other occasions. This can be due to a variety of reasons including design time, planning, special materials, supplies, decorations, delivery, and even the baker's own pressure for perfection for the very special occasion. See our Weddings page for pricing.

  • Are your flowers edible / food safe?

Yes. However, that doesn't mean that all "edible" flowers taste good (unlike the cupcake, which always tastes good), so use your own judgement when considering whether or not you choose to eat the flowers. They are really on your cupcake as a decoration. During the growing season, most herbs and flowers used come from my home garden and are organically grown. In my personal opinion, if you're looking to eat flowers, those are the ones you'd want to try- food-safe and untreated. During the non-growing season, flowers & herbs are purchased, and although non-poisonous / food-safe varieties are used, they may have been chemically fertilized / treated prior to landing in my kitchen.

  • Is there a special ingredient that makes your cupcakes so special?


  • What is it?


  • How much time do you need to prepare my order?

As much as you're able to give me, so I can work it into the day and give your treat the love and intention you deserve! A week's notice is super-appreciated, although I can sometimes work it on pretty short notice, too!

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash or check made payable to "Samantha Cleveland"

  • Where are you located?

Cupcakes by Kearsarge Cakes are made in a residential kitchen in North Sutton, NH.