Elegant. Delicious. Natural.

Weddings with Kearsarge Cakes

What's different about Kearsarge Cakes wedding cakes & cupcakes?

No fondant

No Artificial Colors

No hydrogenated oils (trans fat)

Superb Taste

Designed with herbs & flowers

Cream Cheese Frosting

Each cake and cupcake is home made with the expectation that it will be the best cake or cupcake that you and your guests have ever had


Most wedding cakes are priced at $4.00/serving, and most wedding cupcakes are priced at $3.50/serving.

Guinness wedding cakes are $5.00/ serving, and Guinness cupcakes are $4.00/ serving.

Gluten Free versions of the Chocolate Raspberry Rush, Carrot and Chocolate Peanut Butter are available. Gluten-Free cakes are typically $5.00/serving and GF cupcakes are typically $4.00/serving.

Custom floral orders may impact pricing.

Two-tiered wedding cakes as shown below average $150.

Shown below: 2-tiered wedding cake, 3-9" layers on bottom with 2-6" layers on top.

Wedding Varieties Offered

Chocolate Raspberry Rush

Golden Raspberry Rush



Chocolate-Chocolate Raspberry Rush

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Kearsarge Cakes and Cupcakes come with cream cheese frosting and must be kept refrigerated for food safety. Please be sure adequate refrigeration space will be available for your order until presenting the cake just prior to that special moment when you first cut the cake and present the cake and cupcakes for your guests.

Shown below: 2 layer, 1/2 sheet cakes for display & serving. Also available as guest serving cakes only (without the flowers). Serves 54+ guests. Typical Price range $130 - $195.

Wedding Cupcakes by Kearsarge Cakes