Below is a list of some cake options you may choose to consider. However, each cake is created specifically for you, so variations may be available... just ask!!

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Trans Fat-Free | No partially hydrogenated oils | No aluminum | No artificial colors

Just true HOMEmade goodness.

The Chocolate Rise Three layers of the most moist and delicious chocolate cake you can imagine, with chocolate cream cheese frosting ("Black Magic" cake gone decadent!) . Florally designed. $48.00

Gluten Free Chocolate Rise $58.00

Black Magic A chocolate-lover's dream. Super-moist, chocolate wonder that suggests something other than chocolate...because there is. Contains coffee (please specify if you prefer decaf be used). This simple, yet delightful cake is typically offered as a two layer round, frosted with chocolate or vanilla cream cheese frosting and floral-design, or with berries. $40.00

Gluten Free Black Magic Three nine-inch layers. $60. Custom sizing, as shown above, available. Pricing varies with size.

The ChoPB Like chocolate and peanut butter? Double-layer, super-moist Black Magic cake with chocolate-peanut butter cream cheese frosting, topped with broken bits of chocolate-peanut butter cups. Yowza. $45.00 Shown here as triple layer, $52.00

Gluten Free ChoPB 2 layer, $50.00 / 3 layer, $60.00

Big-Big Chocolate Hands down, this is the chocolate-lover's choice. Extra Large ( 4+ times the size of your average cake recipe!), two layers, double-chocolate and floral-designed. Also available with vanilla cream cheese frosting and raspberry jam in the middle (making it a Big-Big Chocolate Raspberry Rush!). With or without coconut. $130. (Photo below shows cake decorated for a wedding)

Gluten Free Big-Big Chocolate, $150

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Any cake listed on this page is also available as cupcakes.

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Cakes & Cupcakes

Chocolate Raspberry Rush (Baker's favorite!) Two or Three layers of Black Magic cake with your choice of vanilla or chocolate cream cheese frosting and raspberry jam between the layers. Florally designed. 2 layer, $46.00 / 3 layer, $52.00

Gluten Free Chocolate Raspberry Rush Even the kids can't tell it's gluten free. 2 layer, $50.00 / 3 layer, $60.00

Big-Big Chocolate Raspberry Rush Feeds 40-54 people. $130.

Carrot Cake A classic you'll be glad you experienced if you like carrot cake. Round, double-layer bundle of joy, exploding with carrots and super-moist. A meal in-and-of itself. Topped with cream cheese frosting with option of toasted coconut on the sides. With or without nuts. $42.00

Gluten Free Carrot Cake 2 layer, $50.00

Raspberry Rush Two layer, delicious golden cake with just a touch of orange, with mid-layers of raspberry preserve, smothered with cream cheese frosting. With or without toasted coconut on side. $43.00 Triple Layer, $49.00

Guinness Chocolate Cake Three layers of stout chocolate cake sure to please any chocolate lover while tickling your stout beer fancy with this large and lovely, special occasion cake. $75.00

Shown below as a wedding cake with cream cheese frosting.